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It's Always a Good Time at Firing Line.

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3409 Mayhew Lake Road NE. Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Firing Line is an indoor gun range, training and gun sales facility in Central Minnesota. Firing Line's mission is to provide the highest level and quality of customer service and firearm training.


St. Cloud's Premier Training Facility

Providing the Highest Quality and Level of Training

Training Courses


Designed for both novice and first-timer, this course teaches firearm safety, basic pistol functions and marksmanship. We will discuss defensive handgun skills, semi-automatic versus revolver and what caliber pistol you should choose as well as ammunition, sights, and any firearm questions you may have. Whether you are a beginning pistol shooter who wishes to understand the use of handguns better or someone who has never handled a firearm this course will provide a strong foundation to build from. You will start out with classroom instruction and end with live fire drills in the range.

Course is 3+ hours of classroom and range time.

Cost $75 includes 22 LR pistol and 50 rd of ammunition. You may bring your own firearm.


This class will start off focusing on the crime within our local area compared to state and nationwide.  We will move into how to achieve situational awareness and practicing safety as well as how to avoid danger in everyday situations.  Self-defense is not about escaping or getting away or subduing an attacker, it is about recognizing potential threats and arming yourself with the knowledge and tactics to help prepare you for an undesirable situation. This class is hands on in the techniques of deflect, strikes, pressure points and evasion. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear.


No age requirements.. 


Firing Line's Permit to Carry or other wise known as Conceal Carry fulfills MN requirements for new and renewal of existing permit to carry.  This is not an entry class and basic handgun experience is recommended. This course is designed to teach the licensed firearms carrier protection for themselves and other around them.

Topics covered include:
Weapon, Holster, Ammunition Selection
Maintenance and cleaning
MN & Federal Firearm Laws
Situational Awareness
Effective Distance
Range Test out


Course is approximately 4-5 hours
Minimum of 50 rounds ammunition

Cost: $99 includes class materials, application, range test out fee, eyes and ear, and certificate of completion when passing.


Pistol Rental $5.00


This class focus is on individuals that are interested in carry, methods of carry, home protection and movement within the confines of a room, car and/or office. Holster carry, draw, advancement are part of this personalized class as well as non-lethal means of protection.


Class is 1-1 1/2 hours.


Cost $45 per session per person


Receive 15% discount when signing up for 4 or more sessions


One-on-one live fire training tailored to your needs. You are encouraged to bring your own pistol. If you do not have a firearm one can be provided.


$45 per hour with a 2 hour minimum per person.

Fee includes class time, range fee, target, eyes and ears, and pistol if needed (ammunition not included). 

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