Group Events
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Scheduled group events are structured to meet each group and their expectations. Each event allows for personalization to meet their needs whether it is team building, education, or just for fun. The events can include all or varying aspects of classroom instruction, instructed range time and rental of firearms.

Pistol Leagues at Firing Line

  • Individual leagues run 8 weeks from January-February, April-May, October-November

    • Prizes and awards will be presented at the end of league season when the year-end banquet is held

  • Mini league runs 4 weeks in March, July, and September

  • Youth league runs 4 weeks summer and fall

  • 2 Gun Competition runs every other week

Mini League

Off League Season on Wednesday night at 6:30 PM

No registration fee
$18.00 per person

Mini league is not included in year end banquet, all center fire and rim fire welcome.  

This league is purely for fun or new shooters wanting to trial a pistol league.

Individual League

Wednesday night at 7 PM

$25.00 one-time registration fee per person

$18.00 per person each week

  • Center fire only

  • Each shooter has their own targets and individual scoring

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Every other Tuesday during Winter

No Registration fee. Show and shoot.


Two for Tuesdays

Open to Close

$14.25 per shared lane

Couples Night Out

4pm to Close

$18.00 per shared lane + FREE rental (excludes ammunition)