FFL Transfers

If you have questions about the process of an incoming or outgoing FFL Transfer please e-mail us or call us as (320) 281-5315

Incoming FFL Transfer

  • Transfer fee for all incoming FFL Transfers is $35 for the first 4 firearms, each firearm after is $7.50 when transferred at same time.

  • After transfer arrives in store customer has 30 days to pick up transfer. After 30 calendar days, a $35 per month storage fee will be applied in addition to the FFL Transfer fee

  • If one year passes and the firearm/items have not been pick up, the items will be surrendered to Firing Line LLC as abandoned property. 


Outgoing FFL Transfer

  • Transfer fee for all outgoing FFL Transfers is $50 per item transferred

  • Shipping, insurance is in addition to the outgoing transfer fee

  • Firing Line will only ship outgoing firearm transfers from an individual to a verified Federal Firearms Licensed dealer


Let's Work Together

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.