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Goose Season and Hunting Loads.

The best goose loads for goose hunting can vary depending on factors such as the type of geese you're targeting, the shooting distance, and your personal preferences. However, here are some general guidelines for selecting effective goose loads:

1. **Gauge and Shot Size:** For Canada geese and larger species, 12-gauge or 10-gauge shotguns are popular choices. For smaller species like snow geese, 20-gauge shotguns can also be effective. Common shot sizes for geese include BB, BBB, and T shot.

2. **Shot Material:** Steel shot is required for waterfowl hunting in many areas due to its non-toxic nature. However, some hunters prefer using heavier non-toxic shot materials like Bismuth or Tungsten for better downrange energy and improved patterns.

3. **Velocity and Payload:** Heavier payloads and higher velocity loads can increase your chances of cleanly taking down geese. Look for loads with velocities in the range of 1,300 to 1,500 feet per second (fps) for effective goose hunting.

4. **Shotgun Choke:** Select a shotgun choke that matches your hunting situation. For close-range shots, like those in layout blinds, an open choke (improved cylinder or modified) is often preferred. For longer shots, a tighter choke (full or extra full) may be more appropriate.

5. **Brand and Load:** There are several reputable ammunition manufacturers that produce quality goose loads, including Federal, Winchester, Kent, Remington, and Black Cloud. Experiment with different loads and brands to find the one that patterns well in your shotgun and suits your hunting style.

6. **Pattern Testing:** It's important to pattern test your chosen loads at different distances to ensure they deliver consistent and effective patterns. You want a load that provides good pellet distribution for ethical and efficient kills.

7. **Hunting Conditions:** Consider the specific hunting conditions you'll be facing. If you're hunting in open fields, you may want a load that retains energy over longer distances. If you're hunting over water or in dense cover, your shot requirements might differ.

8. **Local Regulations:** Always ensure you are using ammunition that complies with local hunting regulations, including any restrictions on shot materials and loads.

Remember that each shotgun is unique, and what works best in one firearm might not work as well in another. The key is to experiment with different loads and setups, and then conduct pattern tests to determine what combination works best for you and your hunting environment. Consulting with an experienced local hunters or stop in at Firing Line Gun Shop in Sauk Rapids and talk to one of our professionals, they can also provide valuable insights into the most effective goose loads for your specific situation. If you know what you are looking for and want to shop on line go to to order direct with no shipping. At Firing Line Shop Shoot and Save


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